Arbitration Initiative Georgia

Membership Manual


Arbitration Initiative Georgia (“AIG”) Membership Terms (the “Membership Terms”) prescribe policies and benefits of AIG membership.  

About AIG

AIG is a non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity established under the laws of Georgia. Aiming to broaden the understanding of arbitration and other forms of ADR, AIG is committed to undertake educational projects, as well as actively participate in legal and business developments in the country.

Founded by the initiative of young students and practitioners, AIG aims to establish itself as a think-tank for assessing existing challenges and positive developments in Georgia.


AIG is dedicated to connect students and practitioners interested in arbitration and other forms of ADR, and develop local and regional network. AIG pursues its mission with an open membership policy. Membership in AIG is open to any person or organization that is interested in the declared purposes of AIG.

A person or organization seeking membership shall be accepted as a member of AIG subject to submission, receipt, processing and approval of the required registration application.  

AIG hereby reserves the right to abstain from granting the membership should it deem that certain individual or an organization is inconsistent with its goals and mission.

Suspension, Renewal and Cancelation of Membership

AIG membership may be suspended for a limited period of time on the basis of written statement submitted by the member. Such membership may be renewed, if and when requested by the member in question.

AIG membership may be cancelled subject to written request of the member or failure to comply with the Membership Terms. Cancellation due to non-compliance shall be executed by the decision of the Supervisory Board.


AIG shall ensure involvement of members in its activities and to this end commits to notify its members via email with respect to pending initiatives and other relevant information.

Membership Benefits

AIG assures that all members are equally informed on the membership benefits of AIG and have equal access to all opportunities available within organization.

Among others, AIG members shall be provided with the following benefits:

  1. Inclusion in an electronic membership directory on AIG website, subject to Clause IX below;
  2. Receipt of the regular newsletters, as published;
  3. Receipt of advance notice on AIG organized activities;
  4. Possibility to list academic publications on AIG web-site;
  5. Eligibility to submit an initiative (idea on any project related to the declared aims of AIG);
  6. Involvement in the activities of AIG as participants or organizers, based on their interests; and
  7. Eligibility to become a member of AIG Supervisory Board.

Use of AIG Name and Logo Policy

AIG logo and word mark are proprietary of AIG and may not be used without permission, nor may they be used as a statement of endorsement.

The members shall be authorized to include AIG logo, word mark, and a link to AIG website only with respect to the initiatives approved by Supervisory Board or under special circumstances as decided by AIG.  

Privacy Policy

AIG hereby declares that its general practice is to make its member list public, and reserves the right to publish the names of members if necessary. AIG shall include contact details of each member on the AIG Member Directory, which shall be available online.

AIG commits to maintain membership as confidential, if so requested by the member.  

PLEASE NOTE THAT AIG reserves the right to update and/or modify the contents of the Membership Terms at any time.

Should you have any questions with respect to the Membership Terms or any related issues, please contact AIG at