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Tbilisi is largest city and capital of Georgia with approximately 1.5 million population. Tbilisi is a cultural and political center of the country unitying Asian and European architecture, culture, traditions, various ethnical and religious minorities having long-standing history of peacful co-existance.

Foundation of the city dates back as early as mid fifth century. According to Georgian legend, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali hunting in a wood traced wounded falcon down to the place with natural hot springs. Being excited with the wild beauty of the place, King Vakhtang began building of the city in 460s A.D. 

Tbilisi has long history of being a cultural and trade center of South Caucasus. Having strong links with Eastern and Western civilizations, Tbilisi visitors encounter unique mixture of Asian and European style old districts. Besides unique architecture, tourists are welcome in various art galleries, museums and concert halls hosting international cultural events almost every day. Among other places, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet House, Rustaveli and Mardjanishvili Theatres offer performances of classical dances, music and theatre.

Tbilisi visitors should expect to be amazed with unusually night lights and decorations the city is proud of. Tbilisi night clubs, cafes and bars wait for the visitors willing to experience Georgian style of having fun till the sunrise.

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